"A Crowdfunded Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief at Staten Island"
All Profits benefit Staten Island

A Crowdfunded Benefit for Hurricane Sandy Relief at Staten Island - All Profits benefit Staten Island

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Why "Stand With Staten Island"?

Staten Island is a close knit community of 500,000 people. Even with half a million people, the joke among people who live on Staten Island is that everyone from Staten Island knows each other.

When something like Hurricane Sandy occurs, then, it is impossible not to know people who have been affected and to feel personally touched.

And Staten Island has been hit particularly hard! The majority of the people that live in the low-lying areas that were hardest hit are lower income people. The small bungalows they live in were originally occupied by summer beach visitors, but are now 'starter homes' for those that couldn't afford to live elsewhere. Accordingly, by losing their homes and possessions, many of these people have truly lost everything and have little resources for recovery.

The local community response has been amazing and generous. In the days following the disaster, thousands of volunteers have come to help feed, clothe, and clean-up the mess.

The response from national organizations and agencies such as FEMA and the Red Cross has been slow, has been in the form of 'standard disaster relief', which has not really addressed the real needs of the people here. There are only so many blankets, hot meals, and coffee needed!

We all know that the needs of the people affected will continue, long after FEMA and the Red Cross have left the area.

Our intention is to continually address the real needs of the people, as they recover from this disaster, and rebuild their lives. We are doing this by being in direct contact with the people affected, and local organizations that are working hard to help them, and distributing your donations accordingly.

If you would like to send packaged, new goods and supplies, please contact us below for shipping instructions. We also welcome gift cards to national chains such as Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Shop-Rite.

Your monetary donations, however, will be most useful, as they will allow us to respond rapidly as the needs change, and purchase or distribute funds to satisfy the immediate needs of the victims.

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Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


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